Save Money By Using A High Efficiency Furnace

These days every little bit counts towards the cost of living especially when it comes to monthly expenses.   Cutting costs not only reduces our amount of monthly expenses but also reduces the overall carbon footprint we all in one way or another produce.   If we all do our part, we play a positive role in the environment which will help our children down the road.

Heating System

Your home heating and cooling is compromised of a HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system.  Regular, scheduled maintenance is key to keeping your heating and cooling in tip top shape.   Homes that are 10+ years old should be serviced regularly by your local area heating and cooling specialist.  These qualified contractors work independently, are sometimes employed by gas companies and are also contract based.

HVAC Technicians

When looking for  qualified furnace repair service be sure to keep these tips in mind.   Always make sure to go over reviews that other people have left, when doing a search for the company on the web, look to see if there is any negative feedback anywhere.   This can be a tell tale sign that something is up as you don’t just want anyone doing work in your home.   If they have qualifications, they will usually tell you or their business website should have this mentioned somewhere in the about section or sometimes on the home page.

24 Hours – Emergency HVAC Repairs

Finding someone in a timely manner when the furnace goes on the fritz can be challenging, especially during the winter months in North America.   For those of us that live in parts of Canada such as Ontario, your best bet is to find local contractors that can be found doing online searches, ie. furnace repair near me.  What this does is, Google will find the closest service techs in your area and provide a geo-location based on your geo-target location.   To give you an example, if someone is looking for a local heating guy in the GTA – they would type in furnace repair Toronto, or something to that effect.    Hopefully you won’t have to look for someone, but in the event that you do, try these tips for finding the right contractor.

Choosing The Right High Efficiency Furnace

New furnaces 101 – Did You Know?

  • A new furnace can heat your home for cheaper
  • Lower your energy bill
  • Heating your home is close to 50% of your energy bill
  • high-efficiency furnaces are more important for the modern Canadian home owner now more than ever
  • They are quiet, reliable, powerful, affordable and effective
  • They have the ability to moderate steady comfortable temperatures in the home, reducing your energy bill by up to 45% when replacing an older system
  • Are you aware that you can qualify for a government rebate? Your furnace has to meet a 96% efficiency to be eligible – Must be EnerGuide and Energy Star-certified
  • Furnaces over 20 years old should definitely be replaced due to poor efficiency